A EUROPEYOU Study Insight

Between September and October 2023, EUROPEYOU conducted an in-depth analysis to identify the gaps in needs among youth workers and migrant youths aged 20-29 across various regions through focus groups. This research was executed in two critical phases: the first involved initial focus groups with youth workers and educators, followed by discussions with migrant youth, predominantly of Ukrainian background. This approach enabled a thorough understanding of the educational needs and existing gaps.

The study engaged 35 youth workers and 45 migrant youths, with the demographic breakdown being 75% with an African background, 15% Ukrainian, and 10% Asian background. It illuminated key areas requiring attention, most notably the lack of specialized financial and entrepreneurial literacy training programs tailored for migrant youth in Spain, neither provided by the government nor the non-governmental sector. Additionally, a significant need for enhanced support structures to aid their integration and employability was identified.

The analysis revealed a high demand among migrant youths for financial literacy programs (95%) and entrepreneurial training (85%). Simultaneously, 80% of youth workers noted a scarcity of resources to effectively support these youths. Moreover, an overwhelming 90% of all participants underscored the critical necessity for tailored educational programs and supportive mechanisms to bridge these gaps. They emphasized the urgent need for structured educational strategies, the development of effective methodologies, and innovative youth work practices to support the integration and economic advancement of migrant NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training).

This study by EUROPEYOU underscores the pressing need for targeted interventions and collaborative efforts from both governmental and non-governmental sectors to address the educational and support needs of migrant youth in Spain. It highlights the importance of creating specialized programs that not only cater to their financial and entrepreneurial aspirations but also facilitate their successful integration into society and the workforce.