About us


EuropeYou is a non-governmental organization based in Torremolinos which aims at the promotion of education, training for employment and entrepreneurship, human rights, gender equality, culture and sport as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities. EuropeYou aims to empower young and adult people of its local community. EuropeYou works mainly with people among 15-40 years old.

EuropeYou principles

  • EuropeYou is committed to human development, job creation and social progress by investing in people in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • EuropeYou is committed to excellence and providing the highest standards of quality of service.
  • EuropeYou is motivated to innovate, learn, share and collaborate in the digital age.
  • EuropeYou promotes an economy based on knowledge, research and innovation, high-level. education and training, adaptability and creativity, inclusive labour markets and the active involvement of any individuals in the society.


  • Educational and training activities (seminars, conferences, training, workshops, summer schools).
  • Sport activities.
  • Work placement and Traineeship offers.
  • Intercultural projects (intercultural exchanges, study visits, networking events).
  • Research projects;
  • Challenges.
  • Raising awareness campaigns.

EuropeYou runs courses and programmes which raise the employability skills and digital competences of both young and adult people of its local community as well as offers placement opportunities in companies in Spain to both local and foreign youth. EuropeYou provides employment services such as: information and orientation for the labour market, balance of skills service, accompaniment to work, job matching and activation of internships. EuropeYou realize such activities through innovative pedagogical, didactic and assessment methods, also through the use of digital technologies. EuropeYou educators and trainers have experience in the field of ICT/digital skills.

Thanks to its growing network of hosting partners active in a variety of professional fields, EuropeYou is able to offer job-shadowing, internships and professional training to students coming to Malaga area within the framework of Erasmus+ programme. EuropeYou can host Erasmus+ VET students and accompanying staff for two weeks or more.

EuropeYou strength lies on the expertise of its core team and the partnership with multi-national associates from all over Europe and beyond.