Check the E-entrepreneur Survey Report

EuropeYou is glad to share with you the E-entrepreneur Survey Report which presents the results of the research phase of the project “E-entrepreneur”, project led by Danish Youth team (Denmark) and other partner organizations – Asociación EuropeYou (Spain), Futuro Digitale (Italy), Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov (Romania). This document was generated based on a data collection in the form of an online survey. The survey was conducted in the four project partner countries: Denmark, Italy, Romania and Spain. The overall objective of the study was to detect the learning needs and gaps of youth workers and educators in the field of e-commerce applied to youth entrepreneurship.

Among the specific goals were:
-to find out the current needs of e-commerce skills and knowledge;
-to understand what is the attitude of youth regarding the adoption of e-commerce by youth organizations/institutions;
-to find out what are the opportunities that new technology gave to youth entrepreneurs
-to understand what are the challenges for young entrepreneurs to run their e-commerce business;
-to identify the level of preparedness of youth organizations/institutions to integrate e-commerce in their youth entrepreneurship educational offer.