E-learning education

EuropeYou is an expert in creating e-learning platforms and e-learning programmes for European and educational projects.  We have experience ICT staff fully able to create e-learning platforms that educates people, either by imparting niche-specific knowledge or teaching new skills. Following some of our works:

  1. Pathway to equality – human rights of adult minorities: https://pathwaytoequality.eu/platform/
  2. Share Your Peace – peace education for youth workers: https://ka2shareyourpeace.eu/platform/
  3. Youth Workers 4 Global Goals – Sustainable development goals: https://yw4gg.eu/moodle/
  4. Integrated Learning 4 peace – Integrated higher education and youth approach to peace education: https://integratedlearning4peace.eu/platform/
  5. Digital Creative Minds – Cultural Creative sector competences for adult people: https://digitalcreativeminds.eu/onlineplatform/