EuropeYou hosted the TPM3 of KA2 SESB

On May 23, 2023, EuropeYou had the privilege of hosting the third meeting of the Social Entrepreneurship – Satisfactory Business project in the city of Málaga, Spain.

Partners gathered for this key project meeting to discuss several significant aspects. One highlight was the comprehensive discussion surrounding the recently unveiled PR1: E-book “Laboratory of Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.” This engaging exchange allowed partners to collectively explore the rich contents of the e-book and its potential impact.

Additionally, the meeting spotlighted the presentation of the “Be a Changemaker” campaign, offering an in-depth glimpse into its essence and objectives. The session also witnessed the meticulous planning of forthcoming steps and crucial deadlines that will guide its implementation and subsequent follow-up.

A key agenda item revolved around the Local Conference, a collaborative effort that all partners are poised to bring to fruition at the project’s culmination. The conference’s strategic significance and its role in the project’s holistic narrative were thoughtfully discussed.

The mobility event that took place in Poland at the end of March was successfully executed, and this was discussed in length during the project meeting. Partners shared their perspectives, stories, and important lessons from this event, together enhancing the project’s trajectory.