Interview with Laura Emiliani

Laura participated in the Training Course 2 YOUTH and ONE PROBLEM” organized by EuropeYou in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Laura! Can you give us your opinion about the project “2 Youth and ONE PROBLEM”? 

I think that in general the training was of excellent quality. I love learning new concepts related to entrepreneurship and in particular the “learning by doing” style. Some activities have been very useful to have a better overview of the European situation (for example, the day when we shared data on unemployment in our countries of origin). The activity that I found most useful was probably the one in which we studied a successful entrepreneur. This gave us motivation and inspiration.

What I loved most about the training was the chance to get to know and share ideas with brilliant and interesting people, the only negative note in my opinion was the absence of a clear theoretical explanation that would guide the entrepreneurial neophytes step by step. To conclude, I would recommend this 100% experience.

In your opinion, can entrepreneurship contribute to reduce youth unemployment?

Surely the creation of new businesses reduces unemployment, whether the final goal is this or not.
If the company or the cooperative is then developed precisely to offer employment to the most vulnerable groups (NEET, asylum seekers …) then not only is unemployment reduced in general, but a very important service is offered.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

The most important thing I learned is that Sharing entrepreneurial ideas with different people can show you strengths and weaknesses and bring new business to life.