Interview with Viktor Glushkov

Viktor participated in the Training Course 2 YOUTH and ONE PROBLEM” organized by EuropeYou in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Viktor! Can you give us your opinion about the project “2 Youth and ONE PROBLEM”? 

The course was well organized and structured so that participants were fully able to comprehend the topic. The training course was divided to smaller but related topics that ensured the participants to understand different components of the subject. Our trainers involved all participants in various activities so that we could learn and interact with each other. In conclusion, the whole project broadened our awareness about the youth unemployment and different initiatives, undertaken by the European Union, which on one hand aim to reduce the level of unemployment and on the other hand to encourage young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

In your opinion, can entrepreneurship contribute to reduce youth unemployment?

Entrepreneurship is an essential component that is capable of tackling youth unemployment.  Personally, I highly appreciate the idea of promoting opportunities for young people, who can initiate an idea and develop it across Europe. Moreover, it will bring European citizens together in their struggle to find a job. I believe that diversity makes us stronger, therefore entrepreneurship is one of the key elements to achieve this goal. Here entrepreneurship comes forward with its growing significance in our modern life. 

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

To be honest, I was able to learn and acquire a lot of new things that I will apply in my future professional career. I was strongly impressed by the preparedness of the trainers to engage us in different topics and activities.  Another aspect, which grabbed my attention was the idea behind involving disadvantaged groups such as migrants, refugees, people with disabilities or even young people with fewer opportunities. Furthermore, it was enjoyable to organize some of the activities outside on the beach, where we could spend time together in a different environment.