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In order to apply as volunteer to any of the following project, please write to attaching your CV and motivation letter. We will then inform you about possibile vacancies and tell you when we are going to open the projects to new candidates.

The project are open also to young people with less opportunity. EuropeYou team is experienced in working with young people with fewer opportunities and in special cases other external professionals can be recruited according to the needs of the volunteers. The staff of EuropeYou is prepared for hosting young people with less opportunities and constantly continues to gain competences and to search for new working methods through training courses on local and international level.

The volunteers will be engaged in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the following activities:
1. information activities:
– meetings with students, associations, informal groups for promoting Erasmus+ Programme and the European values; organizing information campaigns;
– interacting with other cultural and youth organizations from the local community; help in running local activities;
– creating a monthly pubblication on youth issues, working on the layout and on the contents with articles, interviews and pictures;
– updating regularly the organization’s website and projects specific blogs, as well as updating information on different social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

2. cultural events: 
– organising thematic debates on topics of the interest of young people, with movies, intercultural evenings with music and food from different countries;
– creativity educational workshops; workshops for learning the local history or other subjects through games and manual activities, also including children and youth from disadvantaged background;
– workshops on environmental topics organised at local primary and upper secondary schools in Altamura or neighbour cities and workshops in cooperation with other local associations;
– inclusion workshops: by using non-formal education and different art techniques (painting, photography, video) in cooperation with local organizations, the association and the volunteers will run workshops and initiatives in the city with minorities, immigrants and disabled people, and summer camps;
– sport and outdoor activities and educational non formal programs about well being and healthy lifestyles;

3. international activities:
– the volunteers will help in the implementation of international projects, youth exchanges and seminars planned by the association during their project. In the international projects the volunteers will take care of documenting the activities and will act like facilitators for the participants integration (for example they will be responsible for “getting to know the city” activities, shooting a video and similar activities).