LTTA in Poland, KA2 SESB

At the end of March, 2023, as part of the KA2 Social Entrepreneurship – Satisfactory Business project, representatives from EuropeYou had the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training course held in Poland. This training course was designed with the primary aim of empowering young individuals to catalyze positive social change through the dynamic realm of social entrepreneurship.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants immersed themselves in an engaging exploration of the guiding principles delineated in the World Youth Report on Youth Social Entrepreneurship and the all-encompassing 2030 Agenda. This research got into the fascinating and broad ways in which social entrepreneurship may be an inspiration for youth development and, at the same time, a significant contributor to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

What distinguished this training course was its commitment to innovative pedagogical tools and vibrant learning dynamics, which were strategically harnessed to foster an atmosphere of holistic growth and idea incubation. Among these tools, the Creative Solution to Social Problems (SCPS) methodology stood out prominently, employing the principles of Design Thinking. This inventive approach not only encouraged participants to engage deeply with the challenges of our time but also emphasized the importance of creative thinking in generating impactful solutions that address pressing social issues.

Summarizing, the course offered a multidimensional platform for EuropeYou representatives to not only enrich their understanding of the profound interplay between entrepreneurship, social change, and youth development but also to equip themselves with practical tools that can be wielded to shape a more socially conscious and sustainable future. EuropeYou wants to strengthen its commitment to supporting young change-makers who can guide society toward positive transformation and long-lasting progress by utilizing the knowledge gained from this training.