No limits to creativity: everything can be reborn!

This year EuropeYou celebrated the World Creativity and Innovation Day (21 April) with the beginning of the “Redesign course: recycling and reuse of objects, furniture and everything we love and don’t throw away”.

The course consisted of a series of 8 workshops, where learners understood how to use their creativity for giving a new aspect to old objects.  Participants turned their old shirts into pillow case, a men’s shirt into a shirt dress, a long sleeve t-shirt into a wrap skirt, etc. Apart of reusing old clothes, participants learnt and shared different example on how to turn a chair into shelf, old book into shelves, tennis rackets into mirrors and many other creative objects.

Repairing is not only an act of restoration, but also an act of creativity that entails the repurposing and resourcing of objects. We believe that everyone is a designer and that design is an ongoing activity that includes the repair, modification, and appropriation of design objects and systems. Thus, the motto of our course was: No limits to creativity: everything can be reborn!