Social Entrepreneurship for High School Students

Design thinking' or how to promote innovation in social enterprisesSocial entrepreneurship is more than an economic activity – it gives society positive world-changing solutions, maximizing social benefits. It is the use of the techniques by start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field that involves the development of new approaches and business models to solve society’s toughest challenges.

Therefore, EuropeYou has the pleasure to organize an interactive workshop on social entrepreneurship for high school students. The main idea is that participant will have the possibility to explore how social entrepreneurship is changing the world, and how each of them can be a part of that change. The activities will provide high school students with an opportunity to exchange and foster ideas on entrepreneurship and applying an entrepreneurial way of thinking to yield social impact.  Working in teams they will design several startup models, and in the end of the workshop, it will be organized a final pitch competition where each group will present its own business model.

If you are curios how to create your successful social enterprise, we are waiting for you on November 15, at 5.00pm at Av. Isabel Manoja, 18, Torremolinos.

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