TC “Face 2 Faith” – Yerevan, Armenia

From 24th until 31th of October, EuropeYou representatives had the pleasure to take part in the project “Face 2 Faith”. The mobility took place in Yerevan, Armenia and involved youth coming from Spain, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia.

The training course aimed to provide youth workers with educational support and open space for sharing and exchanging knowledge on interreligious dialogue. Some of the specific objectives of the project for youth workers were to promote interreligious dialogue and acceptance among youth workers and equipping them with tools and methods to further promote those among young people; to provide participants with new knowledge that will help them to challenge stereotypes, prejudices and foster mutual understanding; to raise competences of youth workers to empower youngsters in the communities and raise their competences and motivation for critical review towards media and media reporting, when it comes to religious backgrounds.

The training week was very intensive and interesting one. Through non formal games, debates and discussions youngsters understood the meaning of interreligious dialogue, the different obstacles in opening a dialogue between religions as well as learnt about several programmes and activities that foster tolerance and mutual respect. During the training week participants visited the Armenian Parlament where they had a meeting with Naira Zohrabyan (Parlamentarian, Chairwoman of the commission for Human Rights in National Assembly of Armenia).  They also had the chance to meet with Archbishop Nathan Hovhanissyan in the holy city Ejmiatsin and visit some of the churches nearby.

The project finished with the release of the Youthpass certificates to all participants and final evaluation of the project week.