The thoughts I came back with – Ionut Cristea

Ionut participated in the Training Course 2 YOUTH and ONE PROBLEM” organized by EuropeYou in Torremolinos, Spain

So this spring I had the chance to go and be one of the participants in this project, which I can say from the beginning that was the best decision I took this year. Not only I got to meet a lot of amazing people from Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania, but I also got the chance to learn about entrepreneurship: what the concept really means, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur, what do successfull entrepreneurs do and what they had to do to get where they are and how can we integrate immigrants in their receiving countries through entrepreneurship.

I understood that, even though entrepreneurship is not an exact science, there are some tips and triks you can follow in order to increase your chance of success. The most important thing I learned though, is how important it is to never give up and never stop trying and learning from your mistakes, in life just as well as in business.