Thoughts of our participants TC “2Y1P”

We are sharing with you more thoughts from the participants part of Training Course 2 YOUTH and ONE PROBLEM” organized by EuropeYou in Torremolinos, Spain

Can you give us your opinion about the project “2 Youth and ONE PROBLEM”? 

 Radi (Bulgaria) – The course was very useful for me. Formal and informal sessions were great and very attractive. The materials were very suited, as to both gaming and teamwork. The trainer was very well prepared and he was explaining very well! We had beach sessions that were very innovative and creative! We were accommodated in a wonderful place. This is one of the best projects I´ve ever attended.

Aleks (Latvia) Training course “2 YOUTH and ONE PROBLEM” was very interesting and useful for me. I’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship, about youth opportunities for starting own business, about CANVAS business model, also about the ways how to find funding to develop and implement your business idea.

Louisa (Germany) – The training course was one of the best I attended so far. It was very well organized, the trainer and facilitators did a great job in terms of presenting the topic and reating an atmosphere in which we learned a lot, had interesting discussions and motivation to take part.

In your opinions, can entrepreneurship contribute to reduce youth unemployment?

Radi (Bulgaria) – For sure, entrepreneurship can help. Because, due to lack of funds, young people choose to work with other younger and inexperienced people. So they learn together to build up their knowledge and getting more productive and competitive.

Aleks (Latvia) I think entrepreneurship definitely reduce unemployment, as opening a new company means new work places, as well as more opportunities for young people.

Louisa (Germany) – Yes, it does! Enterprises need employees and thus unemploymentis reduced.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the project?

Radi (Bulgaria) – The most important thing I learned is how to develop a business plan and strategy. How do I use the 2 minutes in front of the lift to find an investor for my business. 🙂 Overall, all the knowledge was useful for a start-up entrepreneur.

Aleks (Latvia) – Another important thing that I’ve learned during the project was the information about refugees and asylum seekers. As we don’t have them in Latvia, I didn’t have much information about them. During the project we have discussed the importance of this topic, as well as described the current situation in our countries.

Louisa (Germany) – What to think about when starting a business and where to get further information.
Also how to inform others about this topic.