Training Course – “Act for Diversity” – Vecmuiža, Latvia

When: 20th – 26th July, 2020

Where: Vecmuiža, Latvia

Deadline for application: 5th July, 2020



The training course “Act for Diversity” will take place in Vecmuiža viesu nams, Latvia, and it will involve 31 youth workers from 7 different countries (Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania and Latvia).

This Erasmus+ training course aims to provide high-quality training to young educators / trainers who are dealing with the issue of refugees’ and migrants’ integration into modern European Union societies, by setting as a prime aim to disseminate this specific approach- system of integration, composed of non-formal methods of education, to other organisations and foundations procuring from the rest of the EU countries.

After the TC completion, the youth workers/educators will be capable to methodically work with mixed groups consisting of both Europeans and migrants & refugees, in order to achieve the social integration of the latter into the already existing communities.

We are looking for 4 Spanish participants or residing in Spain . Age limit: 18+

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to € 530 (airplanes, trains and buses; NOTE: taxis are not included). Food and accommodation will be provided free of charge.

At the end of the project all participants will receive a certificate of participation “Youthpass”.

If you are interested contact us