Training event Pathway to Equality

In October 2021, EuropeYou organized in synergy with Mobility Friends a training event in Portugal in the framework of the KA2 project “Pathway to Equality”.

The main objective of this training event was the piloting of materials and information that will be included in the PTE Training Manual. The piloting consist of presentation of the chapters written by each partner organization through workshops and different non-formal activities, so that at the end the partners could collect participants feedbacks and implement the necessary changes/improvements to the training manual.

During the six days dedicated to the training, all representatives had the chance to present their chapters to the rest of the participants. Mobility Friends staff was responsible for introducing to the the group the Chapter 1 – Understanding Minority Human Rights Training where after the presentation and the introductory video, it was created a round table to discuss some case studies related to Human Rights, and to better understand how this topic can be addressed in the future in training actions. Chapter 2 –Propositions for Minority Human Rights Training and Chapter 3 –Minority Human Rights Training Case Studies, were coordinated by the participants of the Organization Copernicus who after presenting the chapters, carried out activities in the field of Social Inclusion. The Organization EuropeYou, held two workshops related to Chapter 4 – Challenges in Minority Human Rights Training and Chapter 5 – Designing and Delivering Minority Human Rights Trainings, where all participants had the opportunity to express their opinion considering some important Human Rights through the creation of posters and illustrations, which were presented at the end to all participants. In order to address the topics related to Chapter 6 and 7 – Non-formal activities to use in Minority Human Rights Trainings and Testing of the Training Material, Evaluation of Course/activities, Post Training Follow up, after the presentation of the chapters, Futuro Digitale organized an activity that aimed to understand how minorities are perceived by people who do not belong to minorities, as well as a debate on Survive/Live regarding Human Rights.

The suitable enviroment and space for sharing provided by each organization allowed to find interesting answers to certain questions in the field of Minority Human Rights from a different angle, as the sharing of experiences and the different opinions of the other participants allowed to meet certain needs that were found throughout this meeting. All representatives agreed that it is urgent to insert the topic of Human Rights of Minorities by trainers, since this is a topic that can be considered subjective given the fact that it is an issue about Human Lives, and it is extremely necessary to adapt to very specific occasions in the field of Human Rights. In addition to the workshops and non-formal activities provided during the training week, Mobility Friends Organization had a pleasure to offer participants some cultural visits to get to know a little bit more about Portuguese culture, as well as the opportunity to get to know some of the most beautiful cities in the north of Portugal that contribute to the heritage identity of the country, given the great level of traditions and culture it represent, such as Viana do Castelo, Braga, Guimarães and Porto. As the participants didn’t know a lot about the Portuguese culture, it allowed them to also share a bit of their cultures, and in this sense, identify some similarities and cultural differences between the surrounding countries, concluding that the differences contribute positively to multiculturalism.