Youth workers 2.0 – a guide to digital education for youth workers

Recently, in the framework of our KA2 Strategic Partnership, was released “Youth workers 2.0 – a guide to digital education for youth workers”. The booklet aims to provide youth workers with resources and good practices, improving their knowledge of usage of different digital tools and making them understand what kind of skills are needed in different contexts.

In the First Chapter, youth workers and educators will understand more about the future challenges and trends in the digital education as well as the advantages of the digital technology.The Second Chapter is focused on the way how Information and communication technologies affect people´s everyday lives and the importance of equipping youth workers with the right knowledge and skills in order to help young people to identify and tackle online threats. The Third Chapter is about creating activities and contents for young people, using gaming and social tools, while the Forth Chapter presents digital resources that can be used in youth workers training. In addition, our team collected good practices from the four project partner countries which can be founded in the last Fifth Chapter.

For now, the guide is available in English language but very soon you can find it in all partner languages – Spanish, German, Romanian and Hungarian! Stay tuned!